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Egg is the ideal and
the absolute product
by God. It is design
Ab Ovo!
Galina Bleikh


We apply a simple approach and an unique philosophy to help our clients discover their essential vision. We are not China, we have own design.
The web design is paper free, graphic design is electricity free. Repair is possible, but it will badly.H.Portnoy - first fashion designer of Berdichov
Black Square of Malevich is a first portrait of a pixel.
Photo camera converted a painter to the artist.

An interior can be good but it have to be the best interior design

For me cube is the form of ideal proportions
and the best exterior for ideal interior.
Lilia Chak



Once found, that visual theme will support our client's brand and message through all possible media to reach their audience.
Rabbi Nachman™ was first QA because he sais Belived that is possible to destroy have to beleve that is possible to repair.
N-Na-Nach-Nachm-… it´s preloader without flash movie
Our client is allways right and alltime sure. Art is like the Time stream, both have no an UnDo button.
NBot everyone understands the Modern Art, but everyone needs the Modern design.

Our reputation has evolved as a studio that can take on just about any project in any medium, and produce top-level work. It's what we do best. We design.

We are available for professional works see our references

Our philosophy is based on respect — for our clients, for brand, for the power of visual design and for our audience...

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