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3.09.2009–23.09.2009. "Ferror: Future of the World in the Hands of Monsters." (The art-project on female terrorism). Exhibition by Lilia Chak & Galina Bleikh in Journalist's Center Beit Sokolov, Tel Aviv.
We invite you to visit the openning event on 3, September, 19.00–22.00. Address: 4, Kaplan st. Tel Aviv.
12.02.2009–12.03.2009. Lilia Chak & Galina Bleikh exhibit their works in Ephrat gallery (Tel Aviv).
1.10.08. We are proud to announce, that Galina Bleikh was awarded the first prize at the art competition (among 18,000 entries), organized by Cellcom company. >
1.07.08. Lilia Chak & Galina Bleikh take part in Erlich gallery (Tel Aviv) Exhibition "Israeli Portrait"
1.02.08. Lilia Chak & Galina Bleikh (GalaStudio) are proud to announce, that they've received the first award in design competition "Sitting with pleasure " for their chairs project "Hybrid" >
19.05.08. Lilia Chak has her solo exhibition in Agrippas gallery (Jerusalem) >
30.12.07. Galina Bleikh takes part in Group Art Exhibition (Art Center, Jerusalem) with her 3d work "Man in Red" >
1.07.07. Galina Bleikh takes part in Open Art Exhibition "Batteries not Included: Mind as Machine" (Shrewsbury, England) with her 3d work "The Future" >
10.10.06. We are glad to announce GalaStudio new interior design project of Beauity Salon Sophia in New York, Brooklyn. Read the article about the project in All About Home Magazine, September 2006, New York >
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