Regular participation in annual member shows of Fort Point Arts Community (FPAC), Boston (since 2011); traditional Spring and Fall Open Studios of FPAC (the same period); annual member  shows of Framingham Artist Guild (1992-2014); regular shows of Amazing Things and Arts Center (ATAC), Framingham, Massachusetts; also some others.

Selected Exhibitions and other works:

2020  Solo Show: Virtual Presentation – Broadcast at NewBridge on the Charles, Boston.

2019  “Paper Trail” – Project B Gallery, Framinghem, Massachusetts.

2019  Midway Collection Series: Premier Show – Midway Gallery, Boston.

2019  “Then and Now: Forty Years of Art in Fort Point” – FPAC Space Assemblage, Boston.

2018  “XSXL” – FPAC Gallery, Boston.

2018  “Intricate” – Project B Gallery, Framingham, Massachusetts.

2017  “Outlayer and Out Loud”, Exhibition and Runway Show – Midway Gallery, Boston.

2016  International Osten Biennale of Drawing Skopje 2016 – Macedonia.

2016  “In the Eye of the Beholder” – Midway Gallery, Boston.

2016  10th Anniversary Show of Midway Artists – Midway Gallery, Boston.

2016  The Album “Vladimir Chernyaev: Painting, Drawing” – Selection of artworks for publication; Text (biographical essay, aesthetic essay, review of and commentary on artworks included in Album); Book Design (Layout). Published in Moscow, in Russian: “Владимир Черняев: живопись, графика” – М.,2016.

2015  Auction-Fundraising “Let’s Get Ready” – Summer and Fall Program, Boston.

2015  WBUR 90.9 FM Art Lending, FPAC Program – Boston.

2015  “Drawing and Sparring” – FPAC’s Gallery, Boston.

2015  Amazing Show of Champions (rewarded at Juried show) – Main Gallery at ATAC, Framingham, Massachusetts.

2015  Nikolay Cherny Artworks – SOLO Exhibition – Main Gallery at ATAC, Framingham, Mass.

2014 The Composite Monument: gravestones and architectural components – Installed at Northern Cemetery, Pargolovo, Russia.

2014 Performance/Art Installation “Comics Dancing”: participation in installing, works “Dancers in Space” as a component of Installation – Midway Gallery, Boston.

2014  Introduction in the book: “Mark Cooper. Money and Time”- Published in Moscow, in Russian: “Купер М.Н. Деньги и время. М.,2016.

2013  “Illusions”, Grand Opening Show – Midway Gallery, Boston.

2013  “Still Object Observed/ Contemporary Still Life” – Gallery at Atlantic Warf, Boston.

2012  “The Power of Verbal Art” – Midway Gallery, Boston.

2012-2008  Works for the St. John Church. Interior Design: design of Altar Screen, Places for Confession and Remembrance Prayer, Image-Case, Lectern. Graphic Design: Parish/Church Logo, original type based on traditional Russian Church-Slavonic style of lettering.

2011  International Show “Watercolor Walk 2011” – Society of Watercolor Artists, Museum of History of Lomonosov Town, St. Petersburg, Russia.

2010  “Flowers from Nikolay”, SOLO Exhibition – Satellite Gallery at ATAC, Framingham, Mass.

2010  “Pen and Pencil”, Two-Artists’ Show – Main Gallery at ATAC, Framingham, Mass.

2008  “Duet”, Two-Artists’ Show – The Center for Arts at Natick (TCAN), Mass.

2008-2005  Convertible Display-Screens and Magical Curtain Composition/ Co-authored in creating – HBI/WSRC Brandeis University, Waltham, Mass.

2007  “Flower Show” – Tower Gallery at FIT, Framingham, Mass.

2006  “Contents” – Tower Gallery at FIT, Framingham, Mass.

2005  Nikolay Cherny Artworks, SOLO Exhibition – Tower Gallery at FIT, Framingham, Mass.

2005-1998  Works for the Epiphany Church: Ex-libris for Parish/Church Library, Ex-libris for Choir Music Library; Parish/Church Logo with creation original type based on traditional Russian Church-Slavonic style of lettering – Roslindale, Mass.

2004  Art Installation “Tree of the Community”/ Co-authored in creating, participation in installing – Congregation Beth El, Sudbury, Mass.

2003  MetroWest Art Show at TCAN – Natick, Mass.

2000  Two-Artists’ Exhibition at Massachusetts State House, Boston.

2000  “Self-Portraits: Marking the New Millennium/First Night 2000”, Performance/Art Installation on Public Grant, participation in installing and action – Hynes Convention Center, Boston.

1999  Art Installation “Esther Theater Performance”/ Co-authored in creating, participation in installing-JCC of Greater Boston, Newton, Mass.

1998-1997  Theater Sets Design and Costumes Design for the Plays: “The Marriage” by N.Gogol – Fireplace Theater, Emerson College production, Boston; “The Forest” by A. Ostrovsky – World Tour Moscow, New-York, – International Fringe Festival, The Connolly Theater, New-York.

1998  Book Design, Graphical Illustrations, Arrangement of photo illustrations for the book: “Nina Libin. Tatted Lace of Beads”. Lacis, Berkeley, California, 1998.

1997  Two-Artist’s Exhibition at Hillel Center Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio.

1996  International Cultural Exchange Show “Coming Together”- City Hall, Boston.

1994  “Contemporary Russian Art” – Brandeis University, Waltham, Mass.

1993  International Two-Artist’s Exhibition “Sister Cities” – Framingham, Mass.

1993  “Artists for Survival” – Arthur Mazmanian Gallery, Framingham, Mass.

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